Hi, I'm Esther Ejidike.

The Frontend Web Developer


I studied Public Administration in COOU, Anambra, Nigeria and graduated among the top 5 in my class with a 2.1 CGPA. Programming for me started as a hobby and out of curiousity in 2017. While starting, i dabbled in a lot of Languages and libraries not quite sure what i should be learning or what i needed. In 2018, Python was my favorite language but I didn't know how to apply it to frontend development.

I was so relieved to discover JavaScript❤️. Now, I enjoy creating web applications/websites and particularly enjoy working with rest APIs, converting mockups in my spare time and trying out GSAP animation library.

I have worked with a consulting company and a photography company as a website manager and developer, Also a cloud computing enthusiast. I recently concluded a training with ALCwithMicrosoft Azure on Azure Fundamentals.

I write articles sometimes on things i find interesting or want to share with other developers.

Technologies I mostly work with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Git/Github
  • Bootstrap
  • Rest APIs
  • Wordpress cms
  • Netlify

Some of my works

Articles i've written


Parameters and Arguments

Parameters and arguments are a source of confusion to some developers. They are usually mistaken for each other, as a result,used interchangeably.It is very easy to get these terms mixed up.... Read More

an image of git

Introduction to git

Git, simply put is a tool which we use to track the changes we make in our code while developing software. Tracking the changes we make is an amazing feature of git but the best part is git... Read More

an image of cors

Introduction to Cors

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a security measure that defines how two URLs interact with each other. Resource sharing is the act of data exchange between two or more urls. For example, you make an api Get... Read More

an image of clouds

Cloud Computing

So cloud computing simply put is paying to utilize the services of cloud providers. You pay, they allow you host your site or app/or create a new one on their platform, create virtual machines online... Read More